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Adding blogger sitemap to Google Webmasters

- Monday, August 15, 2016 No Comments

Google Webmaster is a vital tool for increasing your site's visibility in search engine and hence generate traffic. As you submit the sitemap of your blog, posts and pages of your blog are indexed and hence more possibilities in search engine..

If your site is hosted by Google i.e. Blogger then there's no need to make a sitemap or generate it as your blog already have one. It's http://yourblogurl.com/sitemap.xml and sitemap-pages.xml. As they are meant for SEO, you might wanna skip this if you're planning to keep it in sitemap pages for incoming users.

1. Add your site to Google Webmasters and go to sitemap.
2. Click on Add/Test Sitemap.
3. Now you just need to add "sitemap.xml" and then "submit".

4. Repeat same and add "sitemap-pages.xml" and then "submiy".

5. You'll see this in both submissions.

Indexing is not an instant thing. It'll take one day or couple, but be patient as Google needs to update these thing to the servers around the whole world, it'll take time..

Top ways to download YouTube videos

- Sunday, August 14, 2016 No Comments

So YouTube is the top choice for streaming videos as we all know but it's just stream. You need to be online all the time, except for some countries where saving the video offline is available but is just playable in YouTube app.

Now there are some people out there who doesn't have time to watch the video like instantly, let it buffer for repeated times or just want the video in their personal drive or gallery.

So as Google doesn't provide this service by themselves, we need use 3rd party services.

Below are top three ways to download the video in their original format and resolutions. They are top on Google's search list and there is a reason why it is, that is because they are best on what they are intended to do.

1. Internet Download Manager(IDM)

 IDM is very popular and handy software. It not only manages download but provides many other features that are not seen on browser's own downloaded. IDM is frequently updated with fug fixes, browser supports and many more. One of the handy feature of IDM is video downloading. It catches the source of any video or audio being played in the browser and gives options to download them from their original source.

It is most effective way to download YouTube videos as the quality of video is as it is in YouTube and gives multiple choices of formats and resolution. From 144p to 4k, all can be downloaded. If you're ISP gives you high speed internet or if supports Google Peering then the download speed will be as it on YouTube. As we go on a page containing video, IDM automatically detects the video and gives a download button with all available options.

To know more about IDM or download it read the article here.

2. Savefrom.net

It is web based download service that helps to rip the videos from many famous sites like YouTube, Dailymotion, Facebook, etc. It's really simple, all we gotta do is put in the page link of video, choose the format and resolution and then download.

Visit the site: http://en.savefrom.net

3. Youtube-mp3.org

It is also web based Video ripping site. But it only converts the video files to 128KBPS audio file of mp3 format. No options, but it is really simple. It is important to know that YouTube automatically rips the audio to 128KBPS so there's not much we can do about the quality. Still difference between 128KBPS and 320KBPS can't really be noticed without high quality audio device or a very sensitive ear. Either way, it is minimalist and best if you want to download the video as an mp3 file.

Visit the site: http://www.youtube-mp3.org/

Running Android on PC

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Everyone knows Android as it is the top choice for mobile manufacturer worldwide for its open source nature and affordability of the mobile that's running android.

This is the article where you'll no longer need an actual android based phone to run andoroid application or just explore android.

If you're looking for customization of whole android platform then you may wanna skip this as it is meant for the people who just want to install and run android, not understand what is going on or why it is going on.

The sole way to run android in PC is to use emulator and there're a lot available in the internet. Here, I am writing about AMIDuOS which is probably the simplest and easiest emulator for PC. It has got almost none configuration for users to do before emulating android. Everything is pre done.

-Windows OS(7/8/10)

The Software:

AMIDuOS is a simple android emulator by American Megatrends. You might have seen the name "American Megatrends" in many computer's start screen as is it one of the top BIOS makers. Now they've had their hands in emulator for PC and have done a very good job by simplifying the process of android emulation in PC. Currently Pro Version(Lollipop/Jellybean) is at $15 and Lite Version(Jellybean)  is at $10. To buy visit their website www.amiduos.com .

-As they say themselves "It's as simple as one, two, three: Download, Install & Run!". They really mean it.
-High Definition
-Supports sensors
-Supports game controllers
-Root mode available
-Running Android Lollipop
-Supports ethernet cable of PC or wifi adapter of PC

-It's paid software. You can get free trial. If you really want it bad then you can check out its cracked version in sites like Onhax.net but we don't recommend using cracked softwares.
-Not in favor of developer's taste as it is really simple.
-No running latest andoroid OS i.e. Marshmallow(as of Aug 2016).

Download the installer, install it and then you're ready..

After installation just click on DuOS.exe to launch the program..

You can download Google Apps package from here:

All the apks can be directly applied to AMIDuOS by right clicking them and the clicking on "Apply to AMIDuOS"

All the user configuration can be accessed via "DuOS Configuration Tool.exe" in program's installed folder or launching it from setting in emulator.. All the options like Root Mode, Save Folder, Screen Modes, etc can be modified here..

There's not much to tell about it. Other settings are personal preference.. So it is worth the price tag and really recommended for casual users who wants an android OS beside the Windows...

IF YOU REALLY WANT TO TAKE RISK THEN PLEASE REFER TO THIS LINK FOR FULL VERSION.. We never encourage anyone to use cracked software as they are harmful and may contain virus and sypwares..

How to make download page in blogger??

- Saturday, August 13, 2016 No Comments

So, basically the blogger users are either in strict budget, don't want to use  web hosting, want minimal settings or just love Google. This doesn't meant that bloggers aren't allowed or can't use the features that are available in other platform  like WordPress...

In this article I am going to demonstrate a by making a download page based on table for a blog. Its probably the easiest and only requires couple of skills like being able to use Microsoft Word, file's download link and just simple knowledge to copy & paste.

So as blogger isn't a fancy web hosting so we cannot really host our files here. We need to use file hosting sites and as we're making download page, it'd be great if the download link is direct. Yeah of course if you believe in ads and spam and whatever, you can use any file hosting, even adf.ly..

If you genuinely want a download page then you can use file hosting sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Get.tt, OneDrive, etc for download links. If the file is huge the get ready to pay for the space, or just use the ad based file hosting systems like usercloud...

You can create a download page without any links but it'd just be a page, but no downloads :p...

Now if you hate reading then please see the video tutorial:

Video Coming Soon


1) Now to design the page, just fire up the Microsoft Word and decide what is the dimension that you want and a draw a table of that...

2) Now add all the header and the contents like filename, version, etc in the cells...

3) Format the table to whatever design you want. You can change the border style, set a background picture, color, merge cells, etc... If you want serial number then you can easily do that by just adding numbering to any cell and then Microsoft Word will do the rest for you..

4) Now each time you want to add new file you can just add new row just above the existing one and if you have numbering then it'll auto adjust..

6) Now put hyperlink the the text that'll act as a download button. Here I have used Widows's Symbol of "Download".. If you want same then just do alt+128229..

7) After placing  hyperlinks, just select the whole table or whole page and then copy it.. Save the document for future updates in page.

8) Now open edit or create a new page in blogger and paste the copied items in "Compose"..

9) Now publish it and now you're page is live..

10) If you want to add new record then you can edit the page in blogger's editor or just update the saved file in MS Word and then again copy and paste in blogger..

Redmi 2 Prime MIUI 7.5 Lollipop Root with stock recovery

- Thursday, August 11, 2016 No Comments

MIUI 7.5 Lollipop Root for Redmi 2 Prime

Guide for rooting Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime Android Lollipop MIUI v7.5 .
Please follow the steps carefully, although even if you brick it then it isn't that hard to  unbrick :p...


1) Rooting will not void your warranty in this phone..
2) Please follow the steps nicely to avoid bricking of device..


1. Download the .zip file from the link provided below and place it the internal storage of  device.

2. Go to Settings/About Phone/System updates and from the menu tap on "Choose Update Package"...

3. Choose the zip file from the internal storage..

4. Device will restart..

5. After the restart there will be an app called SuperSU installed..

6. Open the app and then choose "Continue" then "Normal"...

7. SuperSU will be installed and you'll have a rooted Redmi 2 Prime..


Just select "Full Unroot" in the settings of SuperSU.


Transfer the android files over WiFi

- Thursday, June 11, 2015 No Comments

So everybody knows that wires are irritating. And using wires in the mobile phones are more irritating. So there are times when we have to transfer files between our computer and other devices. So for this the most obvious choice is data cable. But it irritating to use the cable, seriously. If you are not irritated then you must be special one, because I do.

So in this case we can utilize the most basic feature of our android phone i.e. WiFi. For the transmission of file over WiFi simple method called Port Forwarding is used. So I am not writing a lecture here so just understand that port forwarding is used for this. There are apps that allows us to transfer the files over WiFi and I am not talking about simple file sending and receiving, I am talking about browsing.

WiFi File Explorer is a app that I highly recommend to all. This is a simple app. All we got to do is connect to WiFi, run the app's server and done. I have described the steps below.


All we need is app installed in the android phone. Now don't tell me you don't know how to do it.


After installing we need to do is connect to WiFi and run the app in our phone. After that the app will start serving then we can put the given address to any java functioning browser of any device in the same LAN or WLAN.


In phone

Just put the address as shown by the app


Note: SO this is port forwarding therefore copying file to the mobile is upload and copying file from the mobile is download. You'll figure out once you use it.


GTA V mission 'Caida Libre' crash fix

- Wednesday, June 10, 2015 3 Comments

Okay I heard about it and I feared that it would happen to me also. It did happen but I quickly found the fix for it that worked for me.

When and where 

The problem is very common and it is in all the distribution of GTA V pc i.e. retail and cracked(pirated). Missions like Blitz Play, Caida Libre and many other are affected by it. SO the problem seems to occur in two situations, character switching and use of weapon from the vehicle. SO in my case it was the last character switching to Franklin from Michael after Trevor kidnaps the wife of Martin and brings her to Michael. The character switch is automatic and there's no chance to save the game. So after some experiments I found a working solution.


Go to  Settings>Graphics and then change the DirectX Version to 10.
10.1 or 11 doesn't seem to do the job.

So this solved the problem for me in this Caida Libre mission. I think this also fixes the game crash of Blitz Play.

Pattern lock for windows

- Tuesday, June 9, 2015 No Comments
This is a simple lock system. Patterns locks are used in smartphone and several touch devices but it is not officially available in PC's or non touch devices. This is a simple software that allow us to use this fantastic lock system in PC with more advance option.

Some features of this software are:
i. Start at windows startup.
ii. Autolock time choosing.
iii. Internet disconnecting option.
iv. Background chooser(default image, custom image or transparent).
v. Unlock mode selector.
vi. Alert time selector.
vii. Pattern backup option.
viii. Pattern size selecting(3x3, 4x4 or 5x5) and some other....

Lock mode:
This is very good option. You have to select the lock mode. 

Normal mode: Normal lock mode is normal lock mode like in android which show whatpattern you are putting.

Secure mode: This is little different as you keep putting you pattern but you wont see any highlight in the screen.

Dynamic password mode: This is keyboard unlocking mode. You have to press the combination in keyboard as the patterns have letters in

How to use:
Simple, just install the program then open it. If you want your name in window of program then registar (optional). You can skip it then program will automatically be opened in task bar. If you want to configure it then just right click in the mizimized program. If you want to lock then simply press windows+l(the program must be opened in background) or double click the minimized icon.
Test lock